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Connect to devices that measure your behaviour, get rewarded for the good that you do, and see the effects of positive change.
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What Members Are Saying:

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Mark L.

I was about to take the bus to work, but I opted to walk to work instead to make sure I get enough steps to achieve the campaign goal. more...

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Svetlana L.

GOODcoins keeps my mood up while biking/walking; even when there's still a long way to go, when it's rainy, windy... All I tell myself in those moments now is 'think about all those coins you're gonna get'! more...

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Gill S.

The part that I really love is getting free stuff for my points! I am now somewhat addicted to checking my GOODcoins account every day. more...

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Meet the Jacklin family

Brian Jacklin first joined GOODcoins to get healthy. He was excited to see that he could earn GOODcoins and redeem them for socially and environmentally friendly products for his daughters. GOODcoins provided the nudge Brian needed to join our cycling campaign and cycle 14 km everyday to and from work.
Then one day, his daughters asked to join him for a run to earn more GOODcoins for the entire family. This was the defining moment when GOODcoins proved to be a life-changing positive experience for the Jacklin family. Read more about the Jacklin's here in the London Free Press.

Meet Mary

GOODcoins is rewarding people like you for making measurable changes in their everyday lives. It's easy, it's fun and it's free.