How it Works


Everything we do is evidence based. We link to smartphones, sensors, fitness devices, smart meters and other devices to measure actual behavior. We apply analytics to turn data into useful information for our users and maintain the highest levels of privacy, auditability and security.

To begin, choose the devices you would like to measure your exercise, electricity consumption and driving and connect them to your GOODcoins account. You can then view your daily and monthly activities, identify trends and change your behaviour for the better.


Once connected, you can earn GOODcoins by walking, running or cycling for 30 minutes each day. If you do any activity for 30 minutes every day for a calendar month, you will be entered into a BONUS draw! We will also continue to have featured challenges throughout the month that will put you to the test as you compete against yourself and other GOODcoins members. Want other ways to earn GOODcoins? Complete our offers and surveys!

With a customized objective, timeline and number of GOODcoins awarded, members are always motivated to make the best choices for themselves, their community and their environment. Want GOODcoins fast? Offers and surveys are the quickest ways to earn and still do a whole lot of good.


Now it is time to spend your hard earned GOODcoins. The GOODcoins Shop is a collection of curated products and services that have one thing in common - they are inherently GOOD. We evaluate products and brands against a list of 16 criteria to ensure they align with our 4 Guiding Principles:

  1. To promote health and wellness
  2. To reduce environmental impact
  3. To promote social responsibility
  4. To promote local production and enhance community relations
Shop with piece of mind and choose something special - you've earned it! Want to do even MORE good? Our charity section allows you to donate your GOODcoins to charities around the world.